هل-تجارة-الاسهم-حرام Taking Backup and Restoring database are most essential part of DBA’s life. As a DBA we should always be prepared for disaster. Here disaster in term of Accidental data-loss, storage failure, file or database corruption.We must have an appropriate backup to bring database online within given RTO (Recover Time Objective). According to many database administrator, we must have good backup plan. I respectfully disagree, DBA’s must have good recovery plan. As we know we might have sufficient time to backup database but we have less time to bring database online.When our RTO is nearly zero, at that time each and every minute become very important.

here To reduce database recovery  time i have created a small script which will list most recently taken full database backup and all the T-Log backups after full backup. Backup scenario is

خيار ثنائي حساب الإسلامي
  • Full Backup at 12:00 AM everyday
  • No differential backup
  • Transnational log backup every two hours.

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